100% Family-Approved Prints


We LOVE seeing our art live as the vibrant backdrop to so many wonderful family memories. That's truly why Hapi Art exists! After seeing so many collectors transform their children's rooms with our prints, we started to ask what it means to them and their families to live with art they love. We couldn't have said it better ourselves...





Fight Song Print


Photo credit: Jenni Bishop Design, 📷: Jennifer Baker Studio






Art sparks the imagination. When you pick something you love or curate a collection over time, it tells your story. [The print] is more whimsical than my other art. People always comment on it, and my kids like to pick their favorite colors in the piece. Our favorites change all the time.


Find Your Truth Print

- Cassie Frammartino, Hapi Collector









Find Your Truth 2 Embellished Print 






It shows who I am and who we are as a family! It brings us joy!


Chromatic Harmony #6 Embellished Print


- Tiffany James, Hapi Collector








Leave a Big Mark Print


Photo credit: Jana Bek




Art in the home is one of the best ways to show your personality and your journey. Have you ever walked into someone's home and seen either no art at all, or only generic art bought from a big box store? I know, I'm being judgy... But art can come in so many forms. Vacation photos, your kid's doodles, thrift store paintings. To not surround yourself with art in the home is to not allow your home to have life breathed into it. It is one of the defining elements that makes your home YOUR home.


Find Your Bliss Print 


- Kelle Dame, Hapi Collector & Interior Designer









Symphonic Rainbow Embellished Print 


Photo credit: @thealluringhome





Would the rest of my family fall in love with it like I did???





Shine Like Those Rubies Print


- Lisa Zaslavsky, Hapi Collector