A Peek Inside This Realtor's High-Contrast, Art-Filled Home


We recently had the opportunity to tour the home of Dawn Kasten—longtime Hapi Art Collector and rockstar Chicago realtor—to see her newest art prints and interior refresh. The result? Her dark walls plus bright art prove to be a winning pair.




Q: Tell me a little about your space and what you were looking to accomplish...
A: Traditionally, my home has always been pretty muted but Kristi has inspired me to be more playful and add pops of bright, fun colors....and I have to say my husband and I are both loving it! 






Q: What was the process of choosing art like for you? Did you have any fears? I know people can feel overwhelmed, especially with what size to choose and if the piece will work in their space.
A: When purchasing art, it's always so hard to envision how it will look in your space so when Kristi told me she could mockup each piece on my walls, I was thrilled! It really helped settle any fears, because I could visually see how the art would look and how the sizes Kristi recommended would feel. It made the process and my decision to move forward so easy.  




Dawn reached out to us for help selecting the perfect art prints for her space. Interested in a FREE art consult? Text us: (773) 658-9356.




Q: How do the actual pieces compare to just seeing them online?
A: I have four pieces now, and I can not explain the beauty of each one! They look fabulous online but hung in my home....they are truly stunning!  
Q: In your opinion as a Realtor, how important is art when selling a home? 
A: I always advise sellers to remove personal photos from the walls. However, styling a property for sale is very important. Artwork can create the impression of a more valuable home. It can also instill a mood or feeling. This can help potential buyers imagine what it's like to live in a particular home.    




Q: How does it feel having Kristi's art in your home?
A: Joyful! The artwork has given life to each of the spaces. I can honestly say I feel happy every time I walk by. They lift me up and make me smile.


Art Consulting

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