A Bright & Inviting Space for Entertaining


When new collector Melissa Cerina set out to decorate her living room, her goal was to make it a space for entertaining company, while also providing a comfortable place for her three young ones to play. What brought it all together? Colorful, sparkling artwork that the whole family loves.




Q: Can you tell us about your home, and what you were looking to accomplish?
A: Our home is a place where we love to entertain and have a warm, cozy, bright environment while providing a space that is current and modern. We have three little kids so we want it to be a place where they feel comfortable and our company feels comfortable. We love to entertain.



Melissa picked a trio of Glitter Embellished Prints that made her and her family feel happy and relaxed.











Q: Can you share how you chose these pieces for your home? Did you have any fears that held you back?
A: To decorate the living room we worked with a talented decorator, Amy Paston, who helped us design the space and allow our vision come to life. I was looking for art that was bright, fun, sparkly, current and happy. and my friend told me about your work. When I saw the sparkle and bright colors I knew it would be perfect to add color to the room.





Hanging opposite in the room is an Original from Kristi's Mirrored Drippy Flower series.





Q: How do the actual pieces compare to just seeing them online?
A: The pieces in person far exceeded our expectations. They are beautiful, well done, bright, heavy, beautiful and really completed the room.


Q: Why do you think it’s important to live with art and color?
A: The art and color really made the room look bright, happy, inviting and warm. 





Love this dramatic look?


Pair our glitter-embellished prints with dark walls. The contrast of bright colors and light-catching shimmer against a deeper hue will make our artwork glow with vibrancy and glimmering sparkle.