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Named one of the "7 Next-Big-Thing Artists" by Elle Decor magazine, Kristi's artwork has been featured in publications like Forbes and Architectural Digest.

To have Kristi’s art in my home….it’s the showstopper. Whenever anybody walks in, it’s the piece that people gravitate towards because it screams life and color and vibrancy! People always ask me about it and I love that. I love having a piece that people are instantly drawn to.

Shannon, House of Shan

Kristi has an amazing gift of combining vibrant color combinations with such joyful movement. Her art is intriguing and so unique, I find it brightens any room instantly.

Nicole Stinson, Collector

Just as I was getting ready to give up on my dreams of finding the perfect wall decor, a stunning piece of art caught my eye on Instagram. It was bright, colorful and exactly what I wanted hanging in my living room. Everyone who walks into my apartment, immediately comments on the colorful prints.

Andrea Lavinthal, Editor at People Magazine

OMG!!! It's insane.
I love how the art changes from every angle. I can't get over's just so incredible.

Nina T., Collector

In person they are that much more vivid and bright! There's nothing like being able to see it in person‚ÄĒit's almost magic!

Chelsea, Collector

It creates a vibe for our home and makes you pause and take a deep breath whenever you look at it.

Tracy, Collector

When I walk into my home office a lightness comes over me. The bright colors instantly lift my spirits and invoke my own creativity. It is now a place and space I want to spend time.

Jessie T., Collector

I'm an interior designer, and whenever I am able to incorporate her work, I do so ‚ÄúHAPI-ly‚ÄĚ!! Photographs do not do justice to seeing her work in person. Each piece has so much depth and complexity, that you truly fall in love when you are only several feet in front of the piece itself.

Hillary Spencer Design

TEXT US: (773) 658-9356