How to Start a Meaningful Art Collection


How do you start a meaningful art collection? It's a common topic here at Hapi Art, but Liz Lidgett—art advisor and gallery owner—recently shared some solid tips with style master Emily Henderson on her blog. We're sharing a few of our favorite recommendations here, but be sure to read the full article.



TIP #1


It's easy to feel intimated by the art world. If you are starting your collection, Liz recommends to be intentional about looking for the right piece—and suggests looking at alot of art. Plan a fun date with your partner or friend to visit an art museum with the intention of picking 1 or 2 pieces out to take home (with an imaginary unlimited budget, of course). Once you've selected your favorite art, ask yourself, "what made me choose that piece"? This should bring a greater understanding of your style.






TIP #2 


Art is meaningful and personal. If you focus on what you love, the artwork should make you feel good and will stand the test of time. Don't worry about whether the artwork will fit in with your existing decor, or if everyone likes it as much as you.




Think about buying art to mark certain occasions like a weddings, a new job, or a birth of a child. Buy art that makes you think of wonderful things and that you love being around.




TIP #3


Once you start your collection, don't forget to add each new purchase to your home insurance. Your artwork is an asset that you should protect!



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