A New Collector Favorite: Iridescent Chromatic Stripes


This mom's newest Hapi Art addition brought brightness to her home, as well as colorful conversations and bonding time with her family. Her one-of-a-kind original artwork from Kristi's Chromatic Stripes series incorporates iridescent acrylic with glass beads and glitter. The result? A dynamic show of color and shimmer at every angle.



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Q: Can you tell us about your home, and what drew you to Kristi's art?
A: The color. The modern day color and design. Also, my sister had invested in some of Kristi’s art—and anything my sister does, I always fall in love with! We had mostly black and grey throughout and knew I needed to freshen it up a bit, and Hapi Art would do just that.  

Q: What was the process of choosing Kristi's art like for you? Did you have any fears that held you back?

A: I did a lot of research on the website to find what I couldn’t live without, and then I decided I wanted a new piece for every birthday and holiday for the next 2 years! Now I’m content with 3 pieces in our home! They all jive so well and add the perfect amount of jazz to our home. My only fear was that I didn’t get a large enough print! Lots of emails and design questions later, Kristi’s team made me feel super comfortable with my final decisions!  







Thank you thank you for your creativity and color Kristi! It has brightened our home for good! Timeless!



Q: How do the actual pieces compare to just seeing them online?

A: They are much more vivid and bright! The design factor is sooo perfect that there’s no way you wouldn't be blown away by seeing it in person! The online photos are pretty spot on, but there’s nothing like being able to see it in person! It’s almost magic!



Q: Why do you think it's important for your family to live with art
A: For me, art can make or break a room! Everytime I stare into my Hapi Art pieces, I see peace. The colors make my children happy and we always have new family conversations around our Hapi Art, which in turn helps to bond us all together!



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