Sparkling New Beginnings in Texas


When style and travel blogger Ashley Nelson—aka @ashleynii—moved from her NYC apartment to Austin, Texas, she turned to Hapi Art to find a unique piece of artwork for her new home. Now, complete with a hand-embellished print, Ashley's living room has become the sparkling backdrop to her style inspo on Instagram and many afternoons of playtime with her Doodle.





Q: Can you tell us a bit about what you were looking for, and why you selected this piece of art?
A: I was looking for a unique piece to help define and pull my space together. This is my first home in Texas and I wanted something that resonated with me and this transition phase of my life. I had purchased one of Hapi Art’s pieces from Minted years ago in my very first solo apartment in New York and fell in love with her work. When I made a sudden move to Austin during the pandemic, I started to create my own space again for the first time in years, so it only felt fitting to build this space with the same happy, beautiful artwork that I had started a new chapter in NYC with. The old piece is in my bedroom while the new piece sits in my new living room. Every single time I look at it the piece brings me a reminder that this is a new chapter filled with happiness. I just love it.







Q: How does the actual piece compare to just seeing it online?

A: It was exactly as I thought it would be but being able to get it in my home and really see the details in the piece has been my favorite. Looking at the artwork close up, seeing those fine details, watching how the light hits it in my room, it’s so cool!





It’s a very powerful feeling as a female to own such a beautiful piece of art in your home that you have created.




Q: How does the artwork make you feel?

A: Simply put, I love it. I now have two pieces of Hapi Art and both have been bought and placed into my home during major life changes and new chapters. I feel that this piece reminds me of just how far I’ve come, the strength that I have and the many layers that make me who I am.    





Ashley's glitter-embellished print is also available with neon pink edges.






Q: Any tips for a new collector considering purchasing their first piece?
A: Start small and grow! I have always been passionate about art, collecting it, viewing it, learning about it, even trying my hand at it (though never successfully!) but for me I knew early on in my adult life that I wanted to curate a collection of art that brought me joy and fond memories. About 10 years ago I was pursuing Minted and came across Hapi Art prints, I fell in love with the bold work and bright colors. I immediately purchased one large piece, a first for me, to transform my first “single girl” apartment in the West Village. I curated the rest of the space with smaller pieces from NYC, flea markets and my travels. Hapi Art was my first piece and I knew I wanted to build a collection around it so after that I would find pieces that resonated with me but that also worked well with this bigger piece. 





I think the biggest thing when purchasing your first piece is assess what it says to YOU, how do YOU feel when YOU see it in a room, what emotions are evoked, what does it bring to you every time you look at it? Art speaks to everyone differently. If you love it then I say see how you can acquire it and build your collection off of it. There is no right or wrong way to curate an art collection if you ask me!



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