Art Brings Hapi Vibes Into This NYC Apartment Mid-Pandemic

Self-proclaimed art newbie turned art collector, Ariel Dana came to us with a vision board and hopes of bringing happiness into her space. Now, 2 years and 2 NYC moves later, she and her pup Louie are proud Hapi Art Collectors. Ariel attributes her positivity to art and color amid the pandemic. 





Q: Tell me a little about your space and how you connected with Kristi?

A: I strive for a clean/modern aesthetic with my personality expressed through art and comparable accessories (think: colorful flowers, decorative coasters, vibrant accent pillows and the like). The clean aesthetic is akin to a blank canvas with the accessories becoming my paint.

After living in the same unit for 9 years, I decided to move to a larger unit in the same building (March 2020). The loft-like apartment boasted high ceilings and ample wall space (a stark contrast to my previous unit) which, unlike everyone making banana bread or doing puzzles during quarantine, gave me a hobby of researching art to decorate my new home. Through Instagram, I came across Kristi and was immediately hooked. Without knowing her (or her "Hapi" brand), an art novice like myself could instantly appreciate how she exudes positivity and hapi-ness in each of her pieces; something my blank walls amid a pandemic desperately needed. 





Q: What was the process of choosing art like for you? I know people can feel overwhelmed with choosing the right pieces and size for their space.
A: As a newbie to the art world, I needed a lot of help. I used Google's version of PowerPoint (aka "Slides"), in conjunction with the Paint feature on my laptop, to create an interactive mood board. Visualizing how Kristi's art paired with my furniture helped me determine which piece would complete my space. This was further assessed with the help of Kristi's team who weighed in on which formation and sizing would work best (a heartfelt thank you to her knowledgable and caring art-fam for their assistance).
Less than a year after my March 2020 move, I decided to move again (insert face palm emoji). This time, to a new building. Naturally, my new home needed new Kristi art, and so the process restarted. Unlike my last unit, this apartment has a lot of light, so the coloring I strived for captured softer hues than my original piece (which is proudly displayed above my couch). This time, Kristi and I took a poll from our respective Instagram followers to determine the appropriate sizing.
Takeaway: Kristi and her team will always be there to facilitate the decision process. They genuinely want you to be happy with your piece and will go the extra mile to ensure a 'hapi' outcome.



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Q: What draws you to Kristi's art?

A: See initial response above ;) I'm a repeat customer for this reason and because Kristi is so wonderful. She's created a community and genuinely cares about those within her network. There are not many people you can say this about.  






Q: How do the actual pieces compare to just seeing them online?
A: One of the hardest things to appreciate is capturing the glisten of her embellished pieces. The presentation (gorgeous framing) also enhances each work of art so a viewer can truly witness it from all angles; each offering something new to the eye. I ALWAYS get compliments on the unique work and exceptional framing. It's a statement piece that is hard to describe with words or capture in images online. You have to see it in person, like any work of art in a museum, to holistically embrace it.




Q: How does it feel having Kristi's art in your home?
A: If being a repeat customer is any indication of how it makes me feel, I'd summarize it as 'hapi.' It brightens my aforementioned blank canvas and helps me personalize my space as my own since her style mirrors my own. Her vibrancy, creativity and talent—combined with her personable approach and genuine care for her clients—is what makes me proud to display all of her artwork and continue recommending her to my network. Kristi's art was my first art purchase and I'm so happy it was. Now... onto saving for my next piece from her... who has a suggestion ;) dog is holding out for a puppy bed :)

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