Expertly Paired: 3 Best-Selling Prints + Paint Colors to Match

Color Swatches

You've got a blank wall or two and want to add some color to your space. But where do you begin?


We've consulted with hundreds of art collectors—seasoned and newbies alike—and naturally, we suggest starting with a piece of art that you LOVE (I mean, makes your heart skip-a-beat kind of love). Many times, when you've found the right piece, the color story unfolds from there. Our collectors often pick a favorite color from the art and accentuate it throughout other decor in their home.


Dara Beitler Interiors

We're pretty darn good at making art love connections, but we get asked about paint colors all the time. For this, we've enlisted the help of one of our fave interior designers. Enter Dara Beitler, founder and principal designer of Dara Beitler Interiors (and paint color guru). Here are her suggested paint colors for a few of our best-selling prints:





Print: Gypset Stripe

+ Sherwin Williams, Endless Sea SW 9150







Print: Be Vibrant

+ Sherwin Williams, Pure White SW 7005

Or, for a bolder look, try Exuberant Pink SW 6840







Print: Vibrant Stripe

+ Sherwin Williams, Black Magic SW 6991






A few of Dara's top design tips: 


1. For a polished look, she loves to switch it up and paint a bold color on the ceiling.
2. Custom-fit runners can bring new life to forgotten corners of the home.
Did you know we can tailor our rugs to just about any size? Contact us for deets.
3. Pair bold art with bold fabric of the same color scheme for a modern look with a wild edge. 

For more of Dara's work, visit her site and follow @darabeitlerinteriors on Instagram.