A Room For The Whole Family



However you spend your time at home with your family, vibrant art makes the environment—and the memories made in it—inviting, joyful, and fun. When fashion and lifestyle blogger Alyssa Duffy of a-listed set out to create a space she could enjoy with her twin toddlers and husband, she waited to find the right piece of art. Now complete, the focal point of her playroom is one of our glitter-embellished prints, which helps strike a balance between the colorful chaos of toys and neutral tones for her and her husband.





Q: You went with one of our best-selling prints, 'Do It Anyway'. Can you tell us a bit about what you were looking for and why you selected this piece of art?
A: The bright stripes and glitter sum up my personal style to a tee. I think I always gravitate towards art that speaks to my risk-taking fashion personality—bold, colorful, and a mix of mediums.







Q: How does it make you feel having it in your home?

A: We hung the art in our family room / playroom. The space is a mix of function and style, where we spend hours hanging out on the floor with our twin toddlers, Penelope and Felix, and there's just so. many. toys. Then, when the twins are in bed, everything gets tidied away, and we can cozy up on the sofa and watch something on TV. This piece of art is so versatile and adds the perfect pop of color to this verrrry multifunctional room. Something for everyone, as they say.  



We carefully inspect and take photos of every piece to ensure it has our seal of approval before it gets packaged for delivery.




Q: How does the actual piece compare to just seeing it online?

A: This was such a fabulous piece to unbox, because the glitter is even more shimmery in person. The quality of the shadowbox is amazing too, and it's one of those pieces that you don't fully understand the brilliance of until you see it IRL.  





Q: Any tips for a new collector considering purchasing their first piece?
A: My tip for collecting art is to wait until you see those pieces that you just can't live without. I would rather have a bare wall than rush to hang something I don't feel attached to. For example in our house, we have lots of empty space because we moved to Nashville from NYC last year, but I'd rather wait for the perfect pieces to find their way to us, like this glittery work of art.




For more on Alyssa's playroom makeover, visit her site and follow @alisted on Instagram.