Fearless Color-Lover Fills Her Mid-Century Modern Home With Palm Beach Flair




Paige Walker—Mother, fearless color-lover and one half of the Style Duplicated blogger duo—has a simple philosophy when it comes to interior design. Your home should be an extension of you and unique to your vibe. And, if you find a style you like, go all in

Paige gave us an inside look at her new digs, and if her use of color and pattern doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will.






Q: Tell me a little about your home and what you were looking to accomplish…

A: This home represents a lot. I’ll give you the short version of what led me here. After 15 years of marriage in the plot twist of my life, I found myself a single mom of 4 of the coolest kids ever and having to create a new life for us. Divorce is never easy, but we managed to keep it friendly and rational with no lawyers, and minimal drama.  We made it through with our friendship in tact and a coparenting relationship most would dream of having, you can just call us Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. 







I’m a business minded creative and I have been fortunate enough to build Paige Walker Photography, a boutique portrait studio in Fort Worth and Style Duplicated blog with lots of success. However, the house I was living in was too large and too expensive and I felt the intense need to downsize both my home and my lifestyle since I would be on my own financially for the first time in my life. 


I narrowed my new home search down to an area with lots of mid century modern charm and huge yards. Once I saw this house, I saw me and my kids here and the light at the end of the tunnel started looking pretty dang bright, sparkly and disco ball-esque. When I purchased the home, it was as beige as Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe and I’m just not about that life, so a major transformation began.







The inspiration was Palm Springs and as usual, I went all in. Some might say I’m a colorful character and that most certainly shows up in my design choices. This house was going to be a feminine bachelorette pad with all of my favorite colors and plenty of funk. When people walk in the pink front door, I hope they can feel the love, positive happy energy and say, “this is SO Paige!”




Q: What was the process of choosing art and fabric like for you? Did you have any fears that held you back?
A: I was introduced to Kristi’s work by one of my best friends Dayme of Dayme Walther Design who helped me with my previous home. She knows my style and knew I would fall in love with all of the color and of course she was correct. I purchased the “Find Your Bliss” print for my powder bathroom years ago and now it’s living it’s best life in my dining room. 







My house is under 2000sf, so I needed the entire house to be cohesive and the flow of colors, patterns and decor to make sense. It was a no-brainer to choose three fabrics from the Hapi Art collection and I knew they would compliment each other and add some serious swag and style to the spaces. I went with Emerald Drip for my living room curtains, Chromatic Harmony 21 for the roman shade in the kitchen and On Fire for my oldest daughter’s room.









Fears don’t really hold me back, I’m the go for it type. Color makes me happy, I didn’t want my house to look like every neutral, no personality house on Pinterest with a LIVE LAUGH LOVE sign in the all white kitchen. Your home should be an extension of you and unique to your style and vibe, creating a beautiful space you love is such a gift to give yourself!



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Q: In your blog, Style Duplicated, you share interior design tips...what advice would you give to someone who wants to start adding more color to their home?

A: The easiest place to start would be with throw pillows. It’s a low commitment way to play with some color and pattern that can make a big impact for a small price. If major living areas seem too out of the color comfort zone, bring the fun hues and riskier choices to the laundry room or a small bathroom.







Q: How does it feel having Kristi's work in your home?

A: Kristi’s work is a modern color lovers dream that adds so much interest to any space! It’s playful and luxurious and I have received countless compliments on all of it. It feels like the accessories that tie the whole look together with the perfect amount of flare. A sprinkle of happy!