Kelly Clarkson Show, Take Two!



I love Kristi from Hapi Art! It's so bright and fun and it makes me happy and goes with our whole show and our whole vibe, and I'm really into it. 


-Kelly Clarkson



It's no surprise that the team at The Kelly Clarkson Show are fans of what we do at Hapi Art (remember our little visit to the show!).  So when Kelly and Kevin Grace (Kelly’s Creative Designer) reached out to collaborate on a backdrop for a new set design, we jumped at the chance.  We loved doing the Green Room when the show launched and working on this new project with Kevin and Kelly was just as fun!






You can see Kelly and this colorful new set during her digital exclusives, where she shares sneak peeks and videos for the show. 📹







One of our Favorite collaborations on the show is when we get to partner up with Kristi Kohut and HAPI ART! You always know it's going to be a delicious success.

 -Kevin Grace, Creative Designer of The Kelly Clarkson Show




We previously worked with Kevin to redesign the celebrity Green Room at the Kelly Clarkson Show. In case you missed it, you gotta check it out!






All photos and video are credited to The Kelly Clarkson Show.