Nature has a way with color and pattern that makes us swoon on the daily. This stunner from our Agate Series is inspired by the swirling, layered lines of time found in naturally formed agate rock. Pick your favorite and bring the captivating magic of the outdoors, indoors.

Chromatic Stripes

These gorgeous prints are part of the Chromatic Stripes series, one of Kristi’s original creations. There’s just something about these explorations in color that never gets old. Organic lines made from acrylic, ink, watercolor, and pastel appear to subtly vibrate—emitting a positive frequency that radiates through the home.


Nature and her hypnotic, colorful patterns were once again our muse for these spellbinding prints from our Dots/Marks series. The repetition of dots on a butterfly’s wings, the Rorschach-like reflection on a beetle’s back, the clusters of cells in a flower’s’s all captivating beauty, translated into equally captivating art made of acrylic, ink, and pastel.


The commercial and natural worlds collide in the prints from our Collage series, inspired by the endless messages and images that feed our minds each day. Like a personal visual diary, each piece blends fragments of color, pattern, nature, and commerce to create a whimsical collage just waiting to be explored. What do you see?


Bold and beautiful, the prints from our Color Field series make an unforgettable statement. Layers of bright colors collide and bleed together in perfectly imperfect ways, oozing a playful spirit that’ll have you smiling for years to come. Pick your fave or mix and match with others from the series for an even greater impact.