Hapi Art by Kristi Kohut

Hapi Art Options 101

Prints, Embellished,
& Originals Explained

If you’re new to Hapi Art, you may be seeing some terms that leave you wondering what to choose. Don’t stress! We’ve put together all the info you need to understand what’s what and make your purchase with total confidence.


Our most affordable option, traditional prints are reproductions of original work printed on fine art cotton rag paper. But these are no ordinary, quickie prints. We add special touches to make each one feel elevated and closer to the original, including: printing on velvety, thick paper with hand-torn edges; floating the art over a white background for a luxe look; museum-quality framing, in a variety of colors and styles; sizing options from small accents to large statements (custom sizing available), and adding a Certificate of Authenticity signed by artist Kristi Kohut.

Our prints are a great way to start collecting art and adding joyful color to your home, without breaking the bank. Investment ranges from $125-$3,000.



If you’re looking for art with an original touch (and you love a dash of glam!) our embellished prints are the perfect option. We embellish the print of your choice by hand, bathing it in cut glass glitter. The piece is then custom framed in a luxe lucite shadowbox. The result is a unique, shimmering piece that will illuminate with the light in your home.

Embellished prints give you the experience of owning an original artwork, without the original price tag. Investment ranges from $985-$6,000.



These are Kristi’s exclusive, one-of-a-kind works. Literally—there’s only one of each piece. When you purchase an original, you’re buying a work of art no one else owns, anywhere.

You’re also making an investment. The value of Kristi’s art has been increasing by 25% each year. That’s right, your art will be earning you money while it sits pretty on your wall! This is one of the best-kept secrets of art collectors. Plus, an investment in Kristi’s art is also an investment in the future of her studio. Kristi puts a “borderline irresponsible” amount of her earnings back into her practice, funding the exploration of new materials and opportunities that further the value of her work.

In her originals, Kristi loves to play with dimension and nontraditional materials. She spends hours upon hours on each piece until it’s even better than she envisioned. Demand is high and there’s only one Kristi, so originals typically sell out fast. All these factors go into determining the price, which will range from $4,000-$15,000.


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