Follow the 75% Rule
A great rule of thumb is to have your art measure 75% of the width of the furniture you're placing it over (i.e. a couch, dresser, bed, etc.). If you're into creating a gallery look using smaller pieces, apply the 75% Rule to the whole gallery.

When to Go Big
If you have a large wall—or simply want to make a large impact—think big! Wall art should take up 60-75% of the available wall space. We love to help our clients choose show-stopping pieces, so reach out if you need any help with your selection.

When to Stay Small
If you just want to add a touch of color or an artistic accent, small works great. Smaller sizes work great for accenting bookshelves, leaning on kitchen counters or nightstands, or dressing up a narrow wall or powder room. Note that a too-small piece will look tiny and lonely if placed solo on a large wall or above a large piece of furniture (see 75% Rule above). 

When to Go Long
Wide and narrow art is a great choice when you’re looking for a piece to go over a sofa or bed, or on a spacious wall behind a dining table. 

When to Double (or Triple) Up
Two or three pieces can be better than one! If you have the space, consider filling it with multiple works. A large pairing works well over a sofa or in a hallway. Or if you have the space to fill, add a third piece to make it a captivating triptych. We can help you choose what will work together best!

Horizontal or Vertical?
Many of our prints are created to work both vertically and horizontally. If you see a vertical piece you love but need to fill a wide space (i.e. above a sofa), consider hanging it horizontally. Just choose this option as you add the piece to your cart and we’ll take care of adjusting the signature and hanging hardware for you.